Usable when spending over ¥2,000 excluding tax (¥2,200 including tax). Receive a ¥250 discount.


(<250円OFFクーポン> 税抜2,000円(税込2,200円)以上のお買物で250円引きになります。)

Notice: When using the JR Kyushu Rail Pass Coupon



  • ・Present the coupon screen below along with the JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South) within the validity period).

    ・请您将下方优惠券和在有效期内的JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South)一起出示。

    (有効期限内のJR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South)と一緒に、下記クーポン画面のご提示が必要です。)

  • ・Click the banner of the coupon you want to use and present the displayed coupon
    screen to the cashier. The cashier will then click the confirm button.



  • ・The coupon can be used only once (at same area).



  • ・You cannot use a screenshot of the coupon.



≪This coupon cannot be used for the following≫

■Purchasing alcohol and cigarettes. ■Purchasing pre-paid cards. ■Charging electric money.

■Purchasing coupon cards (beer coupons, sake coupons, rice coupons,book coupons, travel coupons, stamps,revenue stamps, gift cards, Donki giftcards, POSA card, etc.)

■Not valid with other discounts, services, or majica cards.


■购买烟酒 ■购买预付型购物卡 ■电子货币充值 ■购买代金卡(啤酒券、清酒券、大米券、图书券、旅行券、邮票、印花税票、礼品卡、唐吉诃德礼品卡、POSA卡等)■不能与其他折扣,服务以及majica卡同时使用


■お酒、タバコの購入 ■プリペイドカードの購入 ■電子マネーのチャージ



有効期限内のJR Kyushu Rail Pass(All,North,South)と一緒に、下記クーポン画面のご提示が必要です。


<Target stores: Fukuoka area>
Kokura, Nishijin, Fukuoka Kuko Minami, Nakasu, Fukuoka Tenjin
小仓店, 西新店, 福冈机场南店, 中洲店, 福冈天神本店

<Target stores: Saga and Nagasaki area>
Saga, Hamanomachi
佐贺店, 滨町店

<Target stores: Oita and Kumamoto area>
D Plaza Oita, Shimotori
D Plaza 大分店, 下通店
D Plaza大分店・下通り店

<Target stores: Miyazaki and Kagoshima area>
Miyazaki, MEGA Miyazaki Tachibanadori, Tenmonkan
宫崎店, MEGA 宫崎橘通店, 天文馆店