Tap the banner below to display your coupon!!


How to Use the Coupon.


【Eligible customers 対象者】

This coupon is eligible for 10% purchases of  10,000 yen (tax excl.) or higher!
*""Japanese living overseas"" are also eligible.
*Not eligible foreign diplomats.

免税で10,000円(税抜)以上ご購入いただいたお客様 限定

【Available stores 対象店舗】

Don Quijote stores in Japan (excluding some stores)


【How to use ご利用方法】

1. Tap the coupon banner below to go to the barcode screen.


2. Present the coupon screen to the cashier staff at the time of payment.


3. Finally, tap the "Use Coupon" button.


 *Please conduct the process by yourself.


【Notes 注意事項】

・This coupon is a one-time use.


・The Coupon is inaccessible from mobile screenshots.


・The coupon does not apply to items priced at 100,000 yen (before tax) or more per item.


・Certain items such as liquor, cigarettes, POSA cards, etc. are not eligible for this coupon.


- This coupon cannot be used with other discounts, services, or majica cards.


5% off for purchases of ¥10,000 or higher (before tax).


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