Don Quijote Coupons

Notice: When using the Yokoso Coupon


  • Please present the coupon screen to the staff. Allow them to press the button.

  • (クーポン画面をレジスタッフにご提示頂き、スタッフが、ボタンを押させて頂きます。)

  • This coupon can only be used 1 time at 1 store per day.

  • (1日1店舗1回のみ利用可能)

  • ※Can only be used by foreigners visiting Japan ※Cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco and prepaid cards. ※Cannot be combined with any other discounts

  • (ご利用資格:訪日客のみ お酒・タバコ・POSAカードのお会計には使用できません。他の割引サービスとの併用不可。)

Usable when spending over 30,000 yen excluding tax. 2000 Yen Discount


Usable when spending over 10,000 yen excluding tax. 500 Yen Discount


Usable when spending over 5,000 yen excluding tax. 200 Yen Discount